Corporate Gifts

My wooden creations can be adapted to your specific project or that of your company.

Do you want to stand out and communicate in an original way?
The rattleback is a very attractive corporate gift.  Its aesthetic aspect, its rarity and its intriguing behaviour make it a first-rate choice to offer as a gift.

Possibilities for personalization:


The description that accompanies the rattleback can be adapted in relation for a celebratory event.


On the box that is delivered with the rattleback, it is possible to affix a message according to the specific circumstances (New Year’s wishes, congratulations, etc.) or person (thank you or similar message).


Possibility of laser engraving your company logo.

Contact me for any additional information or to receive a quote.



“WOW, JUST MAGNIFIQUE! I received the rattleback and I must commend you on your artistic and beautiful woodworking. I rarely see something as well made as this. I also LOVE our Logo on the box. This is absolutely spectacular and I cannot wait for the person we are sending it to, to receive it. “

Jessica McCullough
Office Operations and Programs Manager
American Physical Society – USA

“The rattleback aroused everyone’s curiosity during our last meeting.  Once again this year, we are renewing our faith in Emmanuel for the enigmatic puzzle.  He provides us with high quality objects that are very much appreciated.”

Corinne TORS
Office Manager
Euromezzanine – FRANCE

“Thank you for your professionalism!”

Claudette PÉPIN
Manager of Professional Development Sessions
Association des Cadres Scolaires du Québec – CANADA

“Your wonderful large rattleback is beautiful to look at – both when it is stationary and when it is rattling back. I am especially pleased that the large size slows down the rate of the reversing motion enough so that one can look underneath and get a sense of what the motion is like. Many thanks for making this magnificent rattleback.”

Dr. Kenneth Brecher
Department of Astronomy
Boston University – USA

“Thank you for the high quality of your work and the responsiveness that you showed us.  We appreciated the polished presentation of the rattlebacks and your thoroughness in tracking our order.  The rattlebacks got to Brittany intact and on time!”

Isabelle SECHET
Product Manager
MerAlliance – FRANCE

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