Fine Woodworker

Emmanuel Péluchon ébénisterie tournage gravure
I discovered my passion for woodworking when I was 18 years old during an internship with les Compagnons du Tour de France.  Today I apply the knowledge that I acquired in France and Québec in my woodworking practices (custom furniture  and creation of small wooden objects).

I like to use wood in its entirety. I apply natural products, a mixture of wax, resin and linseed oil, to which I add pine, orange and rosemary scents.

I use recycled wood and receive materials from local suppliers. I prefer fruit trees and torrefied wood over exotic woods.

I am committed to a Regional Forestry Network to use wood from local trees.

Do you have a project? Call me!
My studio is open by appointement at Bedford Lofts.

Emmanuel Peluchon Studio - Bedford - Quebec - Canada


Trees have always been of crucial importance in the life of man.

Don’t we forget about them a little too much nowadays?

I chose to illustrate their importance by drawing my own triskelion. Wood is associated with the three symbolic primordial elements: earth, water and fire.

Trees provide us with a richness of colour as much in their greenery as in the wood itself.  The harmony that results is a source of inspiration.

While rooted into the ground, trees are always moving.  The spiral or triskelion symbolizes this dynamic that I like to bring out in my objects.

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